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A Point of Pride: Oliver Construction of StyerGroup Aims to Achieve Total Client Satisfaction

Oct , 12, 2020
A Point of Pride: Oliver Construction of StyerGroup Aims to Achieve Total Client Satisfaction

Achieving total client satisfaction is more than a business goal for StyerGroup principals, Amy Styer Tahtabrounian, Principal and General Manager of StyerGroup, with her husband, John Tahtabrounian, Founder and Principal of Oliver Construction, Incorporated.

It’s a point of pride.

“I was raised to take pride in everything I do, whether it’s sweeping a floor or constructing a building. Whatever it takes, we find a way to get it done.”
John Tahtabrounian, of the StyerGroup.

OCI is part of StyerGroup, the umbrella organization that includes Styer & Associates, Inc., an interior design firm, and KAJ Architects, LLC. Amy Styer Tahtabrounian, a professional interior designer and John’s wife, founded Styer & Associates in 1985. After John married Amy, he started OCI, which provides construction and project management services.

“The principals’ ownership is intertwined,” John says. “When we provide design-build services for a client we do this as StyerGroup. Since we are all in the same office, we can operate as a single company when the client or project requires that.”

On the construction side, OCI can also work with other design firms, architects and engineers. About 30% of OCI’s work is completed using a design-bid-build process, with the remaining 70% delivered on a design-build basis.

John says this flexibility to either serve as general contractor/construction manager or to work as an integral part of StyerGroup’s design-build team has helped OCI to grow and diversify. OCI now completes hospitality, retail, pharmaceutical, entertainment, corporate and religious projects of all sizes throughout the United States and Canada.

“OCI started with painting an office,” John recalls, “In comparison, the most recent construction project we’ve completed began as a 13-acre raw site in eastern Pennsylvania. We had to raise the elevation with an extra 10,000 cubic yards of fill, coordinate with the utility companies to bring all services to the site and work with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and local township to redo an entire street from one end to the other.” In addition to completing the sitework and landscaping, OCI built a 50,000-square-foot auto dealership and 18,000-square-foot body shop.

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