Oct , 8, 2020

Motion. Commotion. These are the buzz words of our lives. If something isn’t moving, it’s past tense – history.

Given that motion is at the very core of our existence, and that transition and change are the hardest adjustments for an individual to make, are we in fact, challenging our very beings with technology, instant gratification, and immediate results?

These seem to be the driving factors in the design-build world in which we live. Businesses, Clients, Owners and Employees are all under pressure to perform more resourcefully, faster, and for less.

In the architecture, interior design and construction world, the StyerGroup has become known for embracing change and is accustom to responding in this manner. Our repeat clients and new clients welcome the ability to hand over their project to a seasoned group of design/build experts in their field who not only respond quickly, but support the client throughout the process and take a genuine interest in achieving success for the client – not just in the project but as a direct result to their business. Keeping these thoughts in mind while building a project, often around active business operations, is quite a talent.

Allowing a client to continue to make their business their top priority, while the StyerGroup presents choices along the way, provides a comfort and ease that creates a win-win result.

Design build solutions are not for everyone. A trust factor is developed. The old school version of needing architectural drawings in order to bid out the construction for the lowest price seems to have hit the wayside. When an Owner is accommodated by an architect that provides a design around the Owner’s entire wish list, only to discover they can’t afford it after the contractor has bid the final design, the result is more than a disappointment. It is a substantial waste of time, talent and money. It’s then, “back to the drawing board.”

The design/build method allows the entire team to show up at the beginning, provide opinions, evaluate the needs and conditions, the space and the scope, and design and build to the budget. The approach streamlines communication, time and investment. There are no guessing games. Everyone’s time and resources are spent efficiently and effectively. We like to refer to it as ‘Sustainable Service.’

The StyerGroup is a true multi-disciplinary design build firm utilizing an integrated design process to reduce cost, complexity and potential risk for the client. We are diverse in solving problems, raising issues and therefore innovating new solutions as the pace of change continues to accelerate. If you have a project where you think the design/build method would work for you, or you would like to hear more about the design/build process, please give us a call. We would love to meet you and discuss your project in further detail.

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