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Grace Tabernacle Church Honors Styer Group

Styer Group Honored for Generosity, Passion by Grace Tabernacle SDA Church

Jul , 30, 2019
Styer Group Honored for Generosity, Passion by Grace Tabernacle SDA Church

The Grace Tabernacle SDA Church honored Styer Group Principals John & Amy Tahtabrounian for their “Generosity, Passion, Unconditional Commitment and Dedicated Service” after another successful design-build project took their dated church property and transformed it into a new, fresh experience – all for an extremely affordable budget.

When it comes to church remodeling and other places of worship, the Styer Group’s design-build process is built upon our comprehensive and extensive approach based on our client’s focus and wishes while making sure we preserve original features whenever possible and understanding their vision for the future. As with most of our projects, The Styer Group covered every aspect of the Grace Tabernacle SDA Church project, from master planning and the initial church design through all of the construction completed for the church. Having an experienced church building group such as The Styer Group with Oliver Construction was key to the ultimate success of this project.

Some of the work included for this project was the following:

Renovations and Additions for Grace Tabernacle SDA Church, Norristown, PA

  • New Front Church Entrance
  • New Side Entrance & ADA Ramp, Stairs, Portico, LED Lighting, etc.
  • Level interior transition to meet exterior level height.
  • Stairs, Hallways and General Fellowship Hall Renovation
  • Fellowship Hall Open Area – Renovation / Addition of Classrooms
  • HVAC Updates
  • Fellowship Hall Restrooms
  • Gut & Renovation of All Bathrooms
  • Gut & Renovation of Kitchen from Floors to Ceilings
  • Sanctuary & 1st Floor
  • Build a Mother’s Room in the Sanctuary
  • Pastor’s Office
  • Choir Loft

The Styer Group is comprised of Styer Associates Inc, Oliver Construction Inc. and KAJ Architects to deliver the church renovations and additions for The Grace Tabernacle SDA Church, Norristown, PA. For more information on The Styer Group, please Contact Us.

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